Aleksandr Kolembet is a successful off-road driver. He won the Moscow region off-road championship in 2012 and 2013, and became the winner of the world’s longest off-road race, the transcontinental Expedition-trophy in 2013.Very often Aleksandr Kolembet is racing with his son Sergey as one crew.


In cross-country, Aleksandr's achievements are also spinning up. Last year he won the National Cross-country Cup in T2 category.

In the baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015, Aleksandr Kolembet is driving a T2 class Toyota LC200 with Sergey Skripka as a co-driver. His Kosmos Racing team's plans include participation in the Russian National Cup and Championship series in the season 2015.


The baja's press service inquired about the features of the snow routes and the crew's objectives for the race.

Aleksandr Kolembet: Snow-covered tracks, they are unpredictable and treacherous. It often happens that winter tracks are less informative. Covered in snow, the slippery icy surface doesn't give you any certainty as to how the tyres are going to function. On snow surfaces, it is essential to use your brakes on time. Last year we were fighting for the top position in T2, we started very well, but having crashed against a tree we lost any chance to win. From the outside, it looked more like we were experiencing some technical problems. This year we are planning to drive very cautiously and cherish the car.


Other goals are not grand, but no one ever called off the task to win this race. Competition and victories are good enough, yet we should find time to enjoy the Karelian nature too.

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