Sergey Talantsev, Deputy Clerk of the Course, told us about the new track of the World Cup first round and about preparation for the race.


Sergey Talantsev: “We’ve decided that on the first day our participants would drive a small lap of 30 kilometers instead of the Prologue. It won’t be the classical Prologue traditionally seen at the World Cup rounds, because 30 kilometers distance is quite long for a “warm up”.

2016mapIn details the race will be very compact: the administrative checks, scrutineering and evening ceremonial start, where the crews will mount up the podium, take place in Sortavala. After that the participants will go closer to the Finnish border to Vyartsilya, where they have to place their vehicles to the Park Ferme. The competition itself starts in Vyartsilya the next day, where the first 30 kilometers long special stage opens the race. By SS1 results the crews will be regrouped and then will start the next lap, that repeats last year track configuration by 80%. The spectators areas will be organized in Vyartsilya. From the regrouping zone to the second stage starting TC there will be only some meters, but the sportsmen will also drive 1.5 kilometers in the village, so the viewers will be able to watch the race in the organized safe areas. Then the racers will go to a full 170-kilometers lap with fast special stages and two sections of technical narrow forest roads.

Sergey told us he has inspected the track some times during the past months, checking the bridge, narrow forest roads and soil condition, that will be covered with snow in the winter.


Sergey Talantsev: “We’re waiting for the snow to start the main preparations: the track clearing will go step by step as part of the roads are under the regional community services supervision, and these areas are cleaned almost every day in snow time. We will prepare some roads ourselves – these are the speed track sections that are not public roads. In comparison with last year we’ve added 20 kilometers of the racing track, half of them is fast and technical stage and two legs going by twisted woodland with altitude difference. This year we have more media zones – we hope they’ll be interesting for the photographers, and the spectators areas are also enlarged”.

Track in November and December


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