On 19 February, there is a “homeroom” with Ronan Morgan, the Head of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round in the “Serdobol” Youth Center.

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“Russia – Northern Forest 2016” Baja is the first race of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies in 2016. Ronan Morgan, the legendary racer, heads the “Northern Forest” for the second year. The meeting with him is scheduled on 19 February at the “Serdobol” Youth Center at 12:00.

For this event Ronan has prepared interesting stories about his way to the extreme sport; he will share the secrets of his success and tell what qualities are necessary for the real champion.

A documentary film about the “Desert Challenge” race will be shown at the end of the discussion, and then you can ask all your questions in English.

All participants will get presents from the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja organizers.

We invite Sortavala residents to the meeting – prepare your questions and reserve seats by phone 89217264626. The number of seats is limited.

Ronan Morgan Summary

Born in Ireland and became addicted to races in 70s. He was a co-driver in the classic rally for more than 20 years. Morgan has more than 50 victories in the World Rally Championship and 10 wins in the Middle East Rally Championship.

After his sports career completion, Ronan has become a professional manager; Ireland Rally Championships and the WRC rounds are held under his supervision. UAE Automobile Federation invited Morgan to be the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Dubai sports manager. He has time to teach at the Institute in the UK, and to sit on numerous FIA commissions.

For the second year Ronan Morgan heads the “Northern Forest” race and the “Desert Challenge” race in Dubai.


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