The weather on the second day morning of Baja “Russia – Northern Forest 2019”, the 1st round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Bajas, was sunny and windless. It froze a little overnight, and it was enough to keep the forest roads smooth after the field passage. All participants unanimously note a well-prepared track that is a pleasure to ride.

All 44 crews started at the second special stage with a length of 170 km. They made conclusions and tried to find a balance between speed and reliability. All the crews of the FIA World Cup standings arrived at the “Gardarika” hotel for regrouping. But the Russian Rally Raid Championship field missed two crews. Crew No. 604 Leonid Petrov / Anton Pletenev in Nissan Patrol stuck in a snowdrift, and VAZ 21213 No. 610 of Artur Shvyryaev rolled over.

After regrouping the crews go to the third special stage 170 km long. Approximate time of arrival at the service park for the first participant is 13:40. After a two-hour service the vehicles will be placed to the Parc Ferme before the start of tomorrow’s third day.

SS-2 (103.71 km) results UNOFFICIAL 

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