After retirement at SSS on Friday, the Argentinian crew Fernando Alvarez Castellano and Juan Pablo Monasterolo had successfully completed two long special stages of the second day of baja RUSSIA – Northern Forest 2019.

Fernando Alvarez Castellano: “It was good, very good! We had a problem yesterday, when we lost a lot of time and stuck behind many cars that we had to pass over today. But it was Ok, we didn’t have any problems with the car and we are happy to be here. It is warm now, that makes the road conditions quite complicated: sometimes it is dirt, sometimes snow, sometimes there is even grass. But we will continue pushing on because we have nothing to lose. We will push all through the two stages tomorrow and will try to make it as close to the top as we can.”

Tapio Lauronen: It was a good day today! We lost some time yesterday for some minor problems and had to speed up. It was OK, the car has no problems, the road is perfect. And we managed to drive well through the stages. During SS3 it we again came across some problems with suspension which we had set up too low and the car bumped hard against the road when jumping and going over ruts. For tomorrow we will add up 1 cm to be able to drive faster through the tracks messed up by the competitors during the previous stages. And, of course, will stick up to our favourite motorsport tactics – flat out!

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