According to the new rules of the FIA for 2018, the entries for participation in the World Cup on the Northern Forest Baja 2018 prolonged untill February 7, 2018.

All necessary documents can be found here>>>

We will be glad to meet in Karelia on February 16 !!!

Attention! The deadline for applications for fuel - up to February 13, 2018

Dear participants! You can order a fuel for "Northern Forest" Baja from Sky Fuels provider.

Online order is available here >>>

Name: Avgass 100LL, SF-100, SF-95, SF- Disel Sport.

Sport petrol will be available in 200-liter tanks.

Payment can be made either by bank transfer or in cash on the track to our representative Artem Doronin, phone: + 7-963-962-17-25

You can also send an application form by e-mail to

- Download the application form

The first round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies – “Russia – Northern Forest 2018” Baja will be held on 16-18 February in Karelia.

The snow and ice rally raid in the North-West of Russia has been held since 2003, and in recent years it has become the first round of the top racing series in the world of cross-country rallies conducted under the auspices of the International Automobile Federation – the World Cup.

Dear participants, please check a list of necessary equipment, which should be on the rally cars for installing ERTF Unik1 and Sentinel devices. We ask you to check with your existing one and prepare in advance in order to use the stocks of available accessories as efficiently as possible.


Baja "Northern Forest" takes place in close proximity to the state border of the Russian Federation and Finland. We ask the teams to fill in and send the forms, where it is necessary to indicate the list of persons for issuing a collective pass to the frontier zone and the form withvehicles information.

Download the form >>>


Please send the document to:     



In Karelia, at last, stable weather has established and the level of snow on gravel roads allows us to say that the baja in February can become truly interesting!

Vladimir Vasilyev drove more than one thousand kilometers along the endless sand dunes, overmastered the “Africa Eco Race” and the “Silk Way” and “Dakar” marathons. He is a multiple winner of the World Cup and Russian Championship rounds. But one race is essential for him – the only winter round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies is held in his native Leningrad region.


Publish the draft version of 1st  round for FIA World Cup supplementary regulations and Entry form.

Download "Documents"

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that the next year’s World Cup, as in previous years, will start with a unique snow winter race, Baja “Northern Forest 2018”. We kindly invite you to visit Russia on February 16-18 and challenge the unusual conditions of the race! We hope, this experience will leave one of the most vivid impressions of the year. Our team will do our best to make you enjoy your stay in fantastic winter Karelia!

During the “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja opening ceremony in Sortavala town, on the start podium of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round, Vladimir Chagin, “Silk Way” rally-marathon director, has announced a special prize – the overall race winner, setting the best time on the track, will be entitled to participate in the rally-marathon from Moscow to Beijing without having to pay the entry fee.

Final day of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, which has ended today in Karelia, was saturated with events and emotions. However, each racing day is always unpredictable and ready to give surprises, especially on winter track.

"Russia - Northern Forest 2017". Preliminary unofficial results

The main news was the FIA World Cup round leader change. Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov went off the track and rolled over less than 100 km to the finish line. It took time to put the car to the wheels.

They have finished! Unfortunately, not everybody was able to do, but each of them struggled with the track, with a stopwatch, with personal and vehicle limits. The most recent, the most vivid impressions – immediately after the SS4 finish.

"Russia - Northern Forest 2017" Baja final special stage has started; participants went to the 178 km of forest roads in a good mood. We already have the first news from the start:

"Russia – Northern Forest 2017" Baja, the first round of the FIA World Cup and the Russian Championship in Cross-Country Rallies, continues in Karelia.

GPS code for tomorrow 1065

The first competitive day is coming to its end. Crews have shared their impressions after 227 kilometers of special stages.

N51 TSARUK Eduard - roll over
N41 VILCANS Aldis - hit the marbles
N48 POTAPOV Alexander - troubles with engine, retirement
N11 GADASIN Boris - troubles with engine, oil
N34 VAN BOHEMEN Jean-Paul - roll over

Saturday morning special stage is finished. “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja participants tells about their successes and failures.

28 TERENTYEV Alexander - stop on the track, troubles with electrics
27 LUKASZEWSKI Marcin - did not start, problems with ignition system, PF exit is not recorded
48 POTAPOV Alexander - retirement, engine
15 ADEL HUSSAIN Abdulla - hit the marbles
51 TSARUK Eduard - roll over
53 OHOTNIKOV Egor - rolled over, but continued driving

FIA World Cup in Cross-Country Rallies started on 24 February in Sortavala town, Republic of Karelia.

“Russia – Northern Forest” Baja pre-start press conference was held on 24 February 2017, and the organizers told about the competition readiness.

1. Tapio Lauronen 
2. Vladimir Vasiliev
3. Andrey Novikov
4. Aron Domzala
5. Miroslav Zapletal
6. Vladimir Frolov
7. Jean-Paul Van Bohemen
8. Marcin Lkaszewski
9. Viktor Khoroshavtsev
10. Alexander Terentyev

Gps code 7659

“Russia – Northern Forest” Baja entry list has changed before the race start: two SUPROTEC Racing Team crews, eligible for the FIA World Cup, moved to the Russian Championship standings. Why was this decision taken?

There was a bright ceremonial start, and then immediately twisted, difficult and fascinating super special stage took place. How do racers feel? Was there enough time to warm up?

On the starting podium Vladimir Chagin, "Silk Way" rally-marathon director, has announced that the "Russia - Northern Forest 2017" Baja winner in the overall standings will not have to pay the entry fee in July and will be able to visit the rally-marathon from Moscow to Xian for free.

A live webcast of the "Russia - Northern Forest 2017" Baja press conference will be available at facebook page:

"Russia - Northern Forest" Baja entry list was reduced by three crews. Hatem Achour / Hitem Kliti (Tunisia), Benediktas Vanagas / Sebastian Rozwadowski (Lithuania / Poland) and Ivan Sidorok / Sergey Dodonov (Nizhny Novgorod / Moscow) will not be able to take part in the race.

“Baja Russia – Northern Forest 2017” clerk of the course – Jordi Parro – told us about the nuances of organization of the winter baja.

Meeting with Anastasia Nifontova and Maria Oparina took part in Sortavala in "Serdobol" youth center. The topic was "Women in a man's sport".

Every year we introduce "Northern Forest" Baja participants to our readers. Season-2017 is not an exception. Let's start.

From 2017 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies participants have to take into account the new FIA technical requirements. And our technical supervisors need to check compliance closely. Alexey Zhukov, Chief Scrutineer at “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja, tells us about the main changes for rally raid vehicles, as well as whether these requirements affect participants of the Russian Championship.

“Russia – Northern Forest 2017” Baja, the first round of the FIA World Cup in Cross-Country Rallies and Russian Cross-Country Championship, starts this week in Karelia.

Entry list includes 34 crews from 13 countries: in addition to the Russian sportsmen, racers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland, Tunisia, Poland, Lithuania, Qatar, France, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Latvia will attend the rally raid.

Published preliminary timing of the Baja "Russia - Northern Forest 2017", the final will be issued at the administrative checks.

Preliminary timing (*.PDF)

The “Russia – Northern Forest 2017” Baja entry list is published. There are 34 crews that will compete in the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, the Championship of Russia, or in both series simultaneously. Four FIA priority crews top the list.

Star crew of Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov will compete for G-Energy Team. A few years ago formed duo won the “silver” in the FIA World Cup twice and is the current national champion. In addition, Vladimir Vasilyev is a co-organizer of “Northern Forest” Baja.

Notice:  the last day for deciding transport aircraft technology!

On behalf of ATCUAE and QMMF, all competitors who take part in Baja Russia will be entitled to complimentary one way air freight of their cars from St. Petersburg to UAE, provided they also take part in the following three rounds of the World Cup, i.e. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Competitors will be required to agree the logistics and terms in advance with ATCUAE and the payment will be made after the competitor takes the start in the Qatar event.

Once they start all the three events in the gulf region, they will be entitled to the refund of the fee for the air freight. As Qatar is the last of these three rounds, the refund will be available after they start Qatar.
The best contact in ATC is Tanya Kutsenko,

Why are there less ladies participating in auto- and motorcycle competitions than men? Are technical kinds of sports more difficult for them? And is it fair to call the motorsport “masculine” discipline?

Dear rally  motorsport fans!

“Avtotema Pro Racing” company is glad to announce that Rally Shop will be open during the technical scrutineering and “Russia – Northern Forest 2017” race from 23 to 26 February in the service park area.

avtotema 2

We will certainly tell our readers about all “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja participants, but probably the most interesting is to present our new entrants who will try their hands on snow and ice surface for the first time. In the “Northern Forest” history there has already been a case when a debutant of snow and ice Baja secured a brilliant victory. Yazeed Al-Rajhi said: “I just imagined that everything around was not white, but yellow, and drove as if it was sand”. So beginners can certainly surprise our constant participants. Well, let us get acquainted?

Attention! The deadline for applications for fuel - up to February 20, 2017

Dear participants! You can order a fuel for "Northern Forest" Baja from Sky Fuels provider.Online order is available here >>>Name: Avgass 100LL, SF-100, SF-95, SF- Disel Sport.Sport petrol will be available in 200-liter tanks. Payment can be made either by bank transfer or in cash on the track to our representative Artem Doronin, phone: + 7-963-962-17-25You can also send an application form by e-mail to – - Download the application form

Officially Sergey Talantsev’s position at “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja is “Deputy Safety Officer Assistance”.In fact he is the person who makes the best tracks for rally raids in the country, and he will tell us about the coming Baja route preparation.

For those who prefer ground or snow tracks (and their complete lack of) to asphalt ones, the word “Karelia” sounds like heavenly music. Turn-turn-jump-jump – and the tears of happiness are running down the cheeks horizontally towards the ears, as Walter Röhrl taught. However, the horizontality of these roads is very relative. Banal definition of “three-dimensional track” is hoary, but it is still impossible to say better. Profiled corners, curve jumps, just don’t release the gas. Poem! Symphony! Ode to Joy!

Preliminary list of participants of the Baja "Northern Forest 2017"

In 2015 “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja was held on a new route in the Republic of Karelia as the 1st round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies and the Championship of Russia in rally raids. That time the race start was organized in Sortavala – not far from the border with Finland.

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