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7:00 - 12:00 - Accreditation Pres-center, f Sortavala, Youth House, str. Karelskaya, 22
7: 00-11: 00 Administrative checks Sortavala, Youth House, st. Karelskaya, 22
7: 30-12: 00 Technical inspection. Sortavala, service station "Fast and the Furious", st. Promyshlennaya, d.48
14:00 Start of the 1st stage - Helulya

14:30-  SS1 RYUTTU 

Attention: at 13 o'clock the press center moves to the Mountain Park "Ruskeala" https://goo.gl/maps/9xRuY5sg28R2
14: 00-21: 00 - accreditation of the press - press center Mountain Park "Ruskeala"
17:00 Press Conference Mountain Park "Ruskeala"
18:00 briefing, selection of starting positions Mountain Park "Ruskeala"
18:30 Publication of the starting list of the 2nd stage Mountain Park "Ruskeala"
19:00 Ceremony of start - Mountain Park "Ruskeala"

Attention: the press center is located in the building of the Vyatsilä SE Administration, ul. Zavodskaya 7
8: 00-18: 00  press center open
8:20 Start of the 2nd stage / ZP exit (for the 1st participant) p. Vyartsilä, Limited service for changing the wheels of Wärtsilä
8:40 Start of SS2 (for the 1st participant) HW "Vyartsilä"
9:50 Finish of SS2 (approximately for the 1st participant) HF "Yanisyarvi"
9:52 - Regrouping (Service)
11:40 Start of SS3 (approximately for the 1st participant) HF "Vyartsilä"
13:22 Finish SS3 ( for the 1st participant) KV "Yanisyarvi"

Attention: the press center is located in the building of the Vyartsilä SE Administration, ul. Zavodskaya 7
8: 00-18: 00 the press center open
8:20 Start of the 3rd stage / ZP exit of the Wärtsilä HW, Central square.
8:40 Start of the Ss4 (aprox. for the 1st participant) HF "Yanisyarvi"
9:54 Finish Ss4 (aprox. for the 1st participant) HW "Vyartsilä"
10:09 - Regrouping (Service)
11:35 Start of the Ss5 (aprox. for the 1st participant) HF "Yanisyarvi"
12:37 Finish SS5 (approximately for the 1st participant) HW "Vyartsilä", the area near the "Podium"
p12: 42 Podium ceremony (approximate for 1st participant) Podium of "Vyartsilä", st. Zavodskaya 7
13:10 Finish of the 3rd stage / ZP (approximately for the 1st participant) Vyartsilä, Central square.
16:30 Preliminary publication of the final classification Headquarters of "Vyartsilä", Administration of SE Vyartsilä, ul. Zavodskaya 7
18:00 Press conference-  "Gardarika"
19:00 Prize giving "Gardarika"

 16/02/2018 The season in World CUP starts in Karjala

Photo Archive Baja "Northern Forest" in high resolution for the media


Do not forget tosign photos the photographer's name can be found in the exif file information



The Organizing Committee Press Service opens mass media representatives accreditation for "Baja Russia - Northern Forest "on January 25, 2018. The Baja will be held on February 16-18, 2018 in Sortavala, Republic of Karelia. Please provide the following to the Organizing Committee before February 10, 2018


Dear colleagues!


Access to media files storage and newsletters will be open for the journalists remote working, they will also be informed about schedule changes and will receive media updates by emails -please, send us your email for the newsletters: media@northern-forest.ru

Applications received after February 10 will not be accepted. If you have any questions related to accreditation rules and procedures, please contact "Baja Russia - Northern Forest " Press Service.


 If you require invitation for visa formalities, please send the copies of the following documents to m.oparina@northern-forest.ru

- Name, Surname,

- passport scan

- passport no

- birth date

- citizenship

- home address

- your role in the event (driver, co-driver, media, mechanic, etc)

- place where you plan to request a visa (place and name of consulate/embassy)


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