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Группа: T2.2

Марка: Mitsubishi

Mодел : Pajero IV

Год постройки: 2007

Двигатель: Дизель

Объем: 3200

Мощность: 200

Трансмиссия: mechanical

Подвеска: independent

Спортивные шипованые колеса: Да

Количество колес: 6

Описание: 1. Rent of sports car Mitsubishi Pajero IV (T2.2) technical support during the race.

Includes: Providing Mitsubishi Pajero IV sports car (T2.2) year - 2007, prepared by «FasterFrance», winner of the Russian Cup in the class and the owner of the Cup of Russia in the overall classification.

The car is equipped with two Easytrip.

Car prepared for the Sentinel system installation.

The car is equipped with sports tires Michelin XZL with 4.5 mm studs, 6 (six) pcs. and Nokian HKPL for the passage of road sections with traffic studs 5 (five) pieces.

Цена аренды: 10 000EUR

Условия аренды: Providing support vehicle (donor car), the same brand as the sports car Mitsubishi Pajero IV (2008) for fast replacement of sports parts for the sports car;
Providing support vehicle (truck) equipped with a 10 kW generator, compressor, welding equipment, specialized tools for service (including the dealer) of the sports car, a tent with auxiliary heater, WV Crafter (2010);

Providing team-manager, at least two qualified mechanics;

Delivery of the sports car to the competition venue and back using the transporter-trailer;

Routine maintenance of the sports car during competition with the replacement of consumables (fuel and oil filters, brake pads).

The cost of fuel for a sports car and the car support.

Wages and travel expenses staff;

Living expenses and meals for the staff;

Administration and logistics during the competition.

Price: 400 000 RUB.

2. A refundable deposit for the sports car in case of significant damage, and replace damaged parts as agreed with the customer, excluding part and consumables of the routine maintenance - 12 000 EUR.

In the case of total loss of the sports car during the race, the cost is 60 000 EUR, in such case the rent is not charged.

Ваше имя: Igor Briskin

Your Email: vostrikov-motorsport@mail.ru

Телефон для связи: +7 916 608 05 79

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